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Germany Student Visa Policy

You Intend To Study In Germany?

For this purpose you require a “study visa”.

The processing time for a study visa is currently between 5 and 10 weeks. Please apply for the next semester only if there is a minimum time frame of 5 weeks between your appointment date and the enrolment date/starting date of the semester. Otherwise a punctual start of your studies will not be possible. The Embassy reserves the right to send away applicants who want to hand in a study visa application less than 5 weeks before the start of the upcoming semester.

Current Waiting Times For Visa Appointment:

DAAD or AvH/recipient of a full scholarship paid by an official German academic institution e.g. daad or avh – approximately 2 weeks
phd students or post-doctoral students holding an admission letter from a German university or researchers – approximately 2 weeks
master students holding a binding and unconditional admission letter from a German University – 8 months
none of the above priority categories – 9 months

Please be informed that you have to provide all documents as originals (including all of your passports). They will be returned to you on the same day (except the passport you intend to travel on which stays with the Embassy during the processing time of your visa application).


Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, we can not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein.

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