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Study in Hungary

Hungary Study Visa Consultant ASU

ASU Consultants fulfills your education in Europe dream for study in Hungry,
ASU provide you the full assistance for Hungry study visa and about hungry education.
ASU renown Hungry study visa consultant Lahore.


When we talk about the higher study plan in abroad, why everyone thinks about the Hungary? The answer is, because Hungary is the most cost-effective and most beautiful country. Hungary provide a wide range of universities with the scholarships. The tuition fee in Hungary is reasonable as compare to other parts of Europe. The courses you take in Hungary universities are in English Medium. You can take Hungarian language for better communication in country. You can easily get the admission in Hungary universities without getting any hazards. Even you need to be clear IELTS and TOFEL for Hungary Universities.


  • Affordable Cost

    Hungry offer the cost effective education for High class degrees to International Students. Student really enjoy European education environment in Hungry.

  • Diversity

    Hungry have lot of universities more the 100,000 of students come here every year for their professional studies. Hungarian universities have very pleasant environment.

  • Ease To Get Visa

    ASU provides a complete guideline to its all upcoming students regarding their visa’s status. They can trace their Visa’s status online at any time.

  • Recognition

    Hungarian degrees are also acceptable by most of the counties. Most of the Hungarian Engineers work in USA after their studies.


ASU has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during all the process. I am very much satisfied with the services of ASU. I would love to recommend ASU to all students who want their Germany Student Visas

  • Toufeeq Ahmed
  • Toufeeq Ahmed Germany

Thank you very much for your help in getting my Canada Study Approval for me - it was money well spent. I will be glad to recommend your services to friends and acquaintances. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Tabbasam Shahzadi
  • Tabbasam Shahzadi Canada

Thank you for your quality service. I really appreciate your professional efforts. I recommend all those who want to hire services of a genuine company for visa consultancy, then they should consider ASU without any hesitation.

  • Zeeshan Rafi
  • Zeeshan Rafi USA

Hungary Study Visa Consultant

Welcome to Hungry:


The Hungarians from the Urals came to the Carpathian Basin 895-896, and they occupied the region and settled. One hundred years later, our first king, Stephen I, created the Hungarian state and merged it into the European Christian nation.

In 1526, after the accident at the Battle of Mohawk, the Ottoman Empire divided the country into three parts: the Habsburgs in the west and north; the Turks in the center; and the Duchy of Transylvania in the southeast. It is the castle of Hungarian culture and independence.


The value of economic freedom in Hungary is 65.0, making the country’s economy ranked 64 in the 2019 index. Due to the low efficiency of monetary freedom and unemployment due to the judicial system, which undermined taxes on health and public spending, the total points decreased by 1.7 points. Hungary ranks 31 out of 44 countries in Europe, it is lower than the regional average globally but is above the world average.

In Hungary, there is a reliable land registry and citizens have the right to own property and set up private companies. Constitutional court boundaries are increasingly threatening the independence of the judiciary. Chronic widespread in the public sector, governments are often accused of privileges over some economic allies. Public bodies are reluctant to pursue cases in which political officials are senior officials.


It can be said that the climate of Hungary is a typical continental European climate, characterized by hot and dry summers and relatively cold winters. January is the coldest month, and daytime temperatures are usually around zero. However, in some cases, the winters can be very cold, with much lower temperatures than freezing, and strong winds from the northeast are called Bora, especially in mountainous areas. Heavy snow and even snowstorms may occur on some days. In the lowlands, Hungary has an average annual snowfall of fewer than 40 days, while in the Hungarian mountains it reaches 120 days.

In summer, during the day the temperature reaches 20-25 ° C, but sometimes it reaches 30 ° C or higher. In most cases, dry weather is characterized by sunny days, although thunderstorms can sometimes occur at the end of the day. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 22 ° C. The annual rainfall in the plains ranges between 400 and 600 mm, while in the mountainous regions it is largest.


Vibrant youth life, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, cinemas, long history and exciting gifts: everything in Hungary! Whether you live in the capital or in another university city, every season you can choose from a variety of cultural programs.

Hungarian film and cinema culture are very popular. In addition to Hollywood films, Hungary also offers a variety of art films from all over the world. Depending on your ability to a foreign language, you can choose between different films with or without subtitles. There is a rich and active theater life throughout the country. The season starts in September and ends in May. Book your tickets for your favorite games carefully.

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