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Study in Malaysia

Malaysia Study Visa Consultant ASU

ASU Consultants fulfills your nearest education dream for study in Malaysia,
we provide you the full assistance for Malaysia study visa and visit services.
ASU renown Malaysia study visa consultant Lahore.


Since last decade, Malaysian Education center tremendously grown in Asia. It has a prominent share of international student from more than 100 countries.
It ranked in 11th among the students preferred destinations. It allows student to get their international degree at low cost with high living standards. Furthermore, students can get their visas easily. Although students don’t allow to work during their study but they can easily afford their livings. Malaysia is a central business hub of Asia as well. Students enjoy the diversity of students from different countries in an excellence academic environment at Esteem Universities.


  • Affordable Cost

    Malaysia offer High class degrees to International Students at a very affordable cost which force students to think about it before making their decisions.

  • Diversity

    A number of students from more than 100 countries enjoy their study tenure at Malaysian universities which enable Malaysia to provide diversity environment to its students.

  • Ease To Get Visa

    EMGS provides a complete guideline to its all upcoming students regarding their visa’s status. They can trace their Visa’s status online at any time.

  • Recognition

    Malaysian degrees are also acceptable by most of the counties. Most of the universities recognized by Washington accord for their engineering degrees.


ASU has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during all the process. I am very much satisfied with the services of ASU. I would love to recommend ASU to all students who want their Germany Student Visas

  • Toufeeq Ahmed
  • Toufeeq Ahmed Germany

Thank you very much for your help in getting my Canada Study Approval for me - it was money well spent. I will be glad to recommend your services to friends and acquaintances. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Tabbasam Shahzadi
  • Tabbasam Shahzadi Canada

Thank you for your quality service. I really appreciate your professional efforts. I recommend all those who want to hire services of a genuine company for visa consultancy, then they should consider ASU without any hesitation.

  • Zeeshan Rafi
  • Zeeshan Rafi USA

Malaysia Study Visa Consultant

Welcome to Malaysia


By 1970, 75% of Malaysians living below the poverty line were Malaysians, most Malaysians were still agricultural workers, and Malaysians were still largely excluded from the progressive economy. The government’s response was the 1971 New Economic Policy, which had to be updated to four five-year plans from 1971 to 1990. The agreement had two goals: poverty eradication, especially in the province; poverty eradication, distinctive race and success. The last arrangement was a clear change in the currency’s strength from the Chinese to the Malay, and before that, the Malawians represented only 5% of the niche category.


The Malaysian economy is the fourth largest in Southeast Asia and 38 in the largest in the world. The profitability of working in Malaysia is usually higher than in neighbouring countries, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines or Vietnam, due to the large number of companies based on learning and choosing the latest innovations in this industry. Aggregation and information technology is high. According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2017, between 2017 and 2017, the Malaysian economy was the 23rd largest and most focused country in the world.


The atmosphere near the Equator in Malaysia was classified as tropical and was warm and humid. The average precipitation is 250 cm per year and the normal temperature is 27 ° C.


Malaysia’s lifestyle is dependent on a changing community of unique Malaysians. The main inhabitants of the area are the indigenous clans who are still lagging behind. After that, Malaysians migrated from ancient Asian lands to old positions. The social impact of China and India represents their trade with these countries and increases with immigration to Malaysia. The Persians, Arabs and British had a profound influence on Malaysia. Every race currently in Malaysia has its own unique social characteristics and some hybrids.

Feelings and music have a long tradition in Malaysia, and treatment history in Malaysia dates back to the Sultanate of Malaysia. The usual processing methods focus on the areas of cutting, jewellery and textile.

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