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USA Study Visa Consultant ASU

ASU Consultants helps you to fulfill your education dream for study in USA,
ASU provide gives your the proper guidance about study visa for USA and Visit
Visa for USA. ASU famous USA study visa consultant Lahore



Although it restricts international students to work during study but because of its Education Standards and worldly degree acceptability rate it is the top rated country for students. It offers 5 years Visa to its international students which is the most different thing from other countries. Students do not have to wait for their visas as they decided on interview date whether to give visa of not to student which save students times for further decision. USA has leading economy in term trade. It offers loans to its students for meeting their study loans which they can repay from their earning after graduation.


  • Worldwide Acceptability

    US degrees are worldly acceptable by all employers in the world. They are keeping in priority list while shortlisting for a job.

  • Leading Economy

    As everyone know about the leading role of USA trading in world economy. So, students have great opportunities to settle there after their graduation.

  • Visa Processing Time

    USA decide about Visa at the time of interview which save time for international student.

  • Flexible Academic Environment

    USA contains huge diversity of students and offer them more flexible academic environment so that students can be beneficial from their internal strengths.


ASU has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during all the process. I am very much satisfied with the services of ASU. I would love to recommend ASU to all students who want their Germany Student Visas

  • Toufeeq Ahmed
  • Toufeeq Ahmed Germany

Thank you very much for your help in getting my Canada Study Approval for me - it was money well spent. I will be glad to recommend your services to friends and acquaintances. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Tabbasam Shahzadi
  • Tabbasam Shahzadi Canada

Thank you for your quality service. I really appreciate your professional efforts. I recommend all those who want to hire services of a genuine company for visa consultancy, then they should consider ASU without any hesitation.

  • Zeeshan Rafi
  • Zeeshan Rafi USA

USA Study Visa Consultant

Welcome to the United States of America


The United States is a constitutional country on the North American continent, with fifty states and one federal region. After the American colony seceded from its motherland in 1776, the United States was recognized as a new nation. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, 37 new states were added to 13 indigenous states, throughout North America and other regions abroad. There are two troubled experiences in American history: The Civil War (1861-1865) and the Great Depression (1930). After the victory of World War, I and World War II, the United States remained the most powerful country in the world. The American economy has been growing steadily, with low unemployment, inflation and rapid technological progress.


GDP per capita. The US population in 2007 was about $ 46,000, 12% lower than the poverty line (according to global CIA information), and the United States is the world’s most powerful economy in terms of economy and technology. A significant increase in productivity will stimulate GDP growth. Many companies in the United States are advanced, especially in computers, space travel, medical technology, and military equipment. The United States attracts many immigrants from all over the world, and the United States remains the most densely populated country compared to other industrialized countries. All increases in family income increased steadily by 20% of families. All of these reasons together explain the country’s tax situation, which provides international students with a good development space and promotes their professional development.


Because the United States is a big country, weather conditions vary from place to place. Most of the country has a temperate climate. Usually, the southern and western parts of the country are hotter than others, and summers are particularly hot. The eastern and northern hemispheres are cold and snowy in winter and very suitable in summer. Areas like Hawaii and Florida have a tropical climate, which freezes in the vicinity of Alaska, semi-arid in the Great Plains or western Mississippi, and dries up in large basins in the southwest. International students must be prepared before the weather changes.


“The United States is the most popular destination for students looking for the best education abroad and planning for rapid professional development.” Indeed, it offers a wide range of disciplines, high-quality education, and great opportunities, attracting students from all over the world. Students can choose from over 3,800 universities available in the United States and offer a variety of educational programs. The United States offers many advantages to international students, such as well-known educational institutions around the world, different cities, beautiful natural parks, different activities, and a multicultural population.

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